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Intelligent Online Payment System

To receive, you have to give. It's the law.

Nonprofits wishing to become network members on NobleActs.com must register by providing the data listed in the registration form. After registration, they will undergo verification checks to ensure that their fundraising goals are lawful and morally justified. After verification, the registrant will receive e-mail notification regarding our decision.


New technologies allow contributors to donate anytime and from anywhere.

As a donor you might wonder: How does the process work?


1. You donate through nonprofit organization website


2. We transfer your donation electronically (ACH file) to recipient bank account


3. The recipient uses the transfer to support specific goals in Fund description


4. You feel good


5. Organization feels good


The Web is the future of fundraising. Our system provides the opportunity to build an effective setup-driven, interactive online contribution management system for nonprofit organizations.


 With recurring giving options donors can easily choose their preferred frequency and timing for their contributions.

...what you give you get back

Frequently Asked Questions:



  • What is NobleActs?

    NobleActs is a complete online electronic donation and payment solution, providing cost-effective technology, security and support to charitable non-profit organizations. NobleActs gives charities the ability to collect one time donations or automatic monthly recurring gifts.

  • Can I allow recurring donations in my online contribution?

    Yes. You can also set restrictions such as frequency and number of recurring donations.

  • What payment methods does NobleActs accept?

    NobleActs accepts all major credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

  • What payment options are available?

    NobleActs offers organizations the opportunity to either collect donations as one-time transaction or recurring payments.  Recurring donations/payments can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Donors select the starting date and frequency; donors can easily change their giving option at any time.


  • Will donors receive a receipt and a “thank you” for their donation?

    Once a transaction is approved, NobleActs will automatically generate email receipts and a custom “thank you” message to each donor, specifying the amount of the donation. These receipts can be used for income tax purposes.

  • Is NobleActs limited to certain types of collections?

    NobleActs can handle any payment need or collection need you may have. NobleActs can collect charitable donations, school lunch payments, tuition payments, capital campaign pledges, ticket sales, membership dues, and many other types of collections.

  • Is the system secure and PCI compliant?

    Yes, NobleActs is secure.  We do not store any sensitive cardholder data, such as credit card numbers, on our secure servers. The cardholder information is passed directly from your donor to the PCI certified payment gateway. This reduces the scope of your PCI compliance requirement significantly.

  • What is a Merchant Account?  Does my nonprofit need one?

    A Merchant Account is an agreement between any merchant receiving credit card payments and a credit card processor to settle credit card transactions. To become the merchant you must comply with credit card processing conditions and submit application to the credit card processor. We will assist you in the process to obtain one. Donated money will move into your bank account based on the criteria you select.

  • How do I know who donated and when?

    When you log in to the password protected Administrative Panel on NobleActs software, you will be able to view and print daily, weekly or monthly reports of your organization’s donations.

  • How can my charity join NobleActs?

    NobleActs is a very simple donation system to use. It is also simple to join. If you would like to register your nonprofit organization, please contact us at: info@nobleacts.com or call  1.855.444.1288

NobleActs will help your organization expand your donor network by engaging people who prefer to use the Internet, personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones as their primary communication link.  We also provide and host customized websites to help spread your goals, mission, fundraising campaigns, and to attract volunteers, all free of charge. Schools, animal shelters, disaster relief and environmental organizations, churches, social and ethnic clubs, hospitals, cultural organizations, and many more can be grouped into joined or separate geographically dispersed networks. For example: the donor willing to donate or volunteer to help homeless animals can choose from the list of animal shelters closest to their home. This allows the donor to witness the outcome of their contribution firsthand. This is particularly beneficial when the donation was dedicated specifically towards a verifiable goal that the donor can watch become reality.

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