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To receive, you have to give. It's the law.

The Benefits of Accepting Donations Online



In case you’re skeptical, here are some reasons your organization should be collecting donations online.


Impulse Donors and Busy Donors are More Likely to Give


Donating online is easy and quick.  Donors don’t need to write a check, put anything in the mail or follow up to make sure you received their donation.  Due to the simplicity and speed, you are more likely to capture impulse donors who were moved by your organization from the content on your website.  You’re also more likely to capture people who want to support your organization, but just don’t have, or think they don’t have, the time to go through a long donation process.


Donors Can Easily Give Recurring Gifts

Many of the online donation tools make it easy for donors to give on a recurring basis, which in turn brings more money to your organization.  It’s also usually pretty easy to set up automatic recurring donations can save a lot of valuable time for your staff.  They’ll no longer need to send out reminders or remember to manually enter donations on a recurring basis.  All of that is already done for them.


Online Giving is Growing Substantially

Online giving grew 10.7% in 2012, and 14.3% for organizations with annual fundraising between $1 million and $10 million.  This trend seems unlikely to slow anytime soon, especially as the generations that grew up with technology get older and acquire more disposable income.


Now is a good time to start to accept donations online (if you’re not already doing so).


Your Nonprofit Can Build Relationships with Younger Donors

Younger individuals are much more likely to donate online. Given that over 55% of their online donor sample was under the age of 46, an opportunity exists for organizations to start building a giving relationship with a typically difficult market segment.   While the younger demographics’ online donations may be relatively small, getting their contact information, sending them updates and thanking them for a donation can lead to larger future gifts and stronger advocates.


The Right Online Donation Tool for Your Situation

There are what seems like hundreds of different ways to accept donations online.  While some are generally better than others, I thought it would be more appropriate to suggest the best donation tool based on your current situation.  Of course, many of the tools can be used for multiple situations, but I felt like some fit better than others for certain needs.   Make sure to covere the following situations here:


You Want the Easiest Possible Setup and Installation on Your Website

You Want to Accept Recurring Donations

You Want to Collect Additional Donor Info and You Have a Techie Available

You Want to Allow Event Attendees to Donate Online for Their Ticket


NobleActs enables Managers and Treasurers of nonprofits to track individual donations and donation flow. We generate donation reports, and help you prepare your IRS 990 report, as well as many other predefined financial statements. You can easily access the reports and track the progress of donations. Selected reports can be viewed directly by your donors allowing them to see the cumulative effects of their contributions.


Allow us to be your first source for unique online tools and administrative control of online contributions

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